Be A Part of NVRD

by Lynette Quintero, CVP Student Advisory Board member and student at UC-Berkeley

Celebrate democracy on a campus near you this National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), September 26th! You can empower your students and community by participating and helping citizens register toNational Voter Registration Day vote.  Here are some tips on how to take advantage of all the resources available, and host a successful and festive NVRD.

  • Sign up to be a NVRD partner to receive social media tools, posters, stickers and more for your event, whether it is large or small. The deadline to receive free materials is Monday September 4.
  • More is better with a crowd so rally up with your school mascot, clubs on campus, student government members, professors, local politicians, and community businesses to spread the word and bring everyone out to register to vote on NVRD!
  • Make sure you and your volunteers are trained and prepared on NVRD with plenty of information on upcoming elections for students registering for the first time!
  • Create a booth or table with fun patriotic decorations to draw attention, think RED, WHITE, and BLUE! Whoever said registering to vote couldn’t be a party?
  • Throw in a photo booth section with fun props! Patriotic sunglasses, Uncle Sam hats, and white boards where people can write why they’re voting all amplify the interactive fun! You can even go all out and try a Leslie Knope (from Parks and Recreation) cut-out! Who wouldn’t want a photo with Leslie Knope while celebrating democracy!?
  • Get your local election office on board to be a trusted source for though voter registration questions at your event.

National Voter Registration Day is the perfect way to celebrate and engage your peers in Democracy. Whether you send out emails or post on social media, or hold a campus rally, every effort to register voters will make a difference Get involved on September 26th.

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