Celebrate NVRD Today with FELN and CVP!

by Kristen Muthig, Communications and Policy Manager

Today thousands of organizations, volunteers, and voters across the nation are celebrating National Voter Registration Day. Fair Elections Legal Network and our Campus Vote Project are excited to once again be involved in this important effort to raise awareness for the importance of voter registration so all eligible Americans can take part in our democracy and vote.

In 2008 nearly 6 million Americans didn’t register because they didn’t know howNVRD graphic 2 or where to register, or they missed a deadline. Registering or updating a registration today, in advance of any state’s registration deadline, is the first step toward casting a ballot on Election Day.

Voter registration deadlines in some states are as early as 30 days before Election Day. This year, many states don’t have major offices or issues on the ballot so the push from political campaigns to register voters isn’t as prominent. However, many local municipalities and counties have important local offices and issues on the ballot that directly impact voters’ daily lives.

The responsibility to inform Americans that the time to register now rests on organizations and people like the 2,077 partners and thousands of other volunteers involved in NVRD today. All Americans should to be reminded to register or check their registration status and update it if needed. Every vote is important, no matter if it is for a local school board member this November or for president in 2016.

So today FELN and CVP are asking you to take a few minutes and participate in NVRD. Find an event in your community and register to vote. If you can’t make it to a NVRD event in your area or there isn’t one near you, there are still ways to become involved.

  • Go online and fill out a registration form. It only takes a few minutes.
  • If you are already registered to vote, check your registration on your local board of elections’ website and make sure your information is up to date.
  • Share your support for NVRD on social media by reminding your network of friends, family and coworkers to register to vote and use the hashtag #CelebrateNVRD. Let them know you are registered and share the NVRD link so they can also register.

Every registration, tweet, email, and post shows the importance of NVRD and serves as a reminder to your friends, family, and network that they need should register to vote. Celebrate NVRD!

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