Reviews are in: CVP Empowered by Empower Mint Ice Cream

At Campus Vote Project (CVP), we strive to help young citizens understand how and why they should be engaged in the democratic process. Whether you’re at a football powerhouse or a liberal arts school; in the Northwest or Southeast; from a long line of voters or first in the family, we want to show you and your friends know why there’s nothing more important than voting.

Now, along with the CVP voting guides, webinars, and on-the-ground events, our friends at Ben & Jerry’s added one more ingredient to our GOTV-repertoire. Ice cream. And not just any ice cream, but democracy ice cream.

empower mint 2

It’s called Empower Mint (get it?). The CVP staff taste-tested the flavor for your benefit, and the reviews are in.

Erica 9/10 Stars
Two of my favorite things in one; ice cream and democracy! Like freedom the mint was refreshing, light, and sweet! To get to it my palette had to overcome some pretty delicious obstacles (like the brownie chunks), putting me in mind of the barriers some voters face when heading to the polls. Unlike those barriers however, these obstacles were yummy and worthwhile. I hope Empower Mint helps pave the way to a free voting rights for all!

Lauren 10/10 Stars
Empower Mint mixed two of my favorite ice cream toppings, brownies and chocolate syrup, and combined it with my favorite flavor to make a creation that would inspire the greatest of cynics to speed to their nearest polling location after one bite. Whether you like your ice cream fresh-out-the-freezer or slightly thawed, Empower Mint is sure be the highlight of your day. On election day, I’ll be sure to pick up a pint (and probably more) as I watch the results come in.

Nick 9/10 Stars
What’s more American than apple pie? Brownies, ice cream, and… oh yeah, democracy!

Matt 9/10 Stars
When I tasted Empower Mint, it gave me a brief glimpse of what our democracy could be: an inclusive swirl of textures and flavors, working together to make a delicious whole. I normally dislike mint, but the deceptively white ice cream combined with a double dose of fudge won me over. In a way, that’s how I envision a better democracy: with each side trying to win over the other with new takes on traditional ideas. Thank you, Empower Mint, for empowering me and showing me the way.

Jacob 10/10 Stars
Before Empower Mint, colors were always some hue of gray. I would wake up shouldering an unrelenting singular weight. But everything now has changed. The light peppermint’s balance with the dark fudge brownie, a balance that harks back to days when politics were about surprise, not fear. Fudge swirls remind me that dissonance isn’t always a bad thing. And like a good debate, I am always yearning for more. Empower Mint isn’t about the daily machinations and one-liners. It’s a wide-eyed admission that our voiced should be heard, so let’s use our mouths for good.

Brittnie 10/10 Stars
Ben & Jerry were somehow able to top themselves with this flavor and emulate the ideal characteristic of a great candidate: the ability to bring people together. Empower Mint has brought together the best of both worlds: refreshingly mempower mint quoteinty ice cream and chocolate overload. While eating this flavor, I was overcome with the overwhelming feeling of democracy and the desire to head straight to the polls to cast my vote. When I got there, I found out I was over 3 months early…

Kristen 9/10 Stars
Empower Mint is a refreshing new flavor that will wake up your sense of taste and your sense of duty to participate and vote in this election. The mint combined with gooey fudge and delicious brownie chunks are winning picks for Ben & Jerry’s. Keeping pints stocked in your freezer through November 8 will be a reminder to vote each time you enjoy this delicious treat.

Debi 10/10 Stars
Empower Mint’s refreshing taste lit up my organizing spirit! The fudge tickled my sweet tooth giving me a little extra can-do attitude while the mint gave me a “just brushed me teeth” feel. Bring it on 2016 election.

Bob 8/10 Stars
Empower Mint reminds me of the effort to defend our democracy by defending our right to vote and be free of undue influence from moneyed interests. The mint ice cream reminds one of how smooth and cool it is when voting leads to policies that support the public interest. The brownies reflect the effort to disrupt the status quo and leads one to think of voting reforms that help voters to vote. Finally, the fudge swirls that melt away on the tongue, reminds one of the lack of protections from big money in politics since Citizens United.

Chris 5/10 Stars
Empower Mint was my first choice. I wanted something that tasted new and fresh. A taste reflective of the will of the people rather than the millionaires and billionaires that control ice cream flavors. But I’ll eat Empower Mint anyway because it’s better than the alternative. #NeverFroYo

Mike 10/10 Stars
It is hard from me to decide which I cherished more, the first time I cast a ballot and got an “I Voted” sticker or my first spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s Empower Mint ice cream. Just like participating in democracy, Empower Mint ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s is best when shared with your friends and family. Democracy only works when it works for everyone.

We want to hear your thoughts, too! Try this great Ben & Jerry’s flavor and let us know how Empower Mint empowers you!empower mint 1

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