CVP Launches California Campus Projects

Today California Secretary of State Alex Padilla will visit Los Angeles Trade Technical College to kick off their initiative to discuss the importance of voter registration and the role young people can play in shaping the future through civic participation.

Campus Vote Project is partnering with the LA Community College District, its nine colleges, and its faculty and students to support a program to help students register and vote in 2016 and beyond. The program will increase student awareness of the elections process and its connection to policies that affect their college community and the communities in which they live, and integrate voter registration and voter education directly into student activities.

CVP will work with the District to implement tools that can help increase youth participation in voting, while fulfilling the schools’ mission to educate students about their fundamental right and responsibility as a citizen to vote.  Community colleges are uniquely positioned to provide students with a nonpartisan introduction to registration and voting. They can also impart knowledge regarding the functions of different levels of government and encourage civil discourse around important community issues.

In addition to our work with the LA Community College District, CVP is also working with De Anza College, and its administrators, faculty and students to increase student voter registration and voting.

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