Why Join our Student Advisory Board?

We asked a couple of our current Student Advisory Board Members to tell us their experience and why they think you should join the team!

The Student Advisory Board was an exceptional experience that helped develop my interests and professionalism. As a member, you get to participate in monthly conference calls with the entire board and hear from guest speakers in the political field, such as mayors, congressional members, scholars. It’s a motivational experience that helps you grow as a student and community member. Being a Student Advisory Board member and working with Campus Vote Project has indefinitely been the greatest part of my academic career!

-Lynette Quintero

The Student Advisory Board has been a transformative experience for
me for multiple reasons. Not only am I able to network with transformative, engaged leaders on a regular basis, but I have also had the opportunity to meet ambitious, like-minded students who will definitely change the world for the better. It’s both exciting and amazing to think that many of my fellow Advisory Board members are now my friends, and despite the distance between members, we work together under the goals of improving college campuses, expanding civic engagement, and fostering an inclusive, empowering Board where all individuals can freely express their ideas and see them put to action. Overall, the Student Advisory Board will give you access to the best resource available – students and change-makers- who collaborate and work towards a better future!

-Jasym Mireles

Click here to learn more about the requirements for becoming a CVP Advisory Board Member and how to apply.

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