To make real change it is critical for students, campus administrators and election officials to work together and coordinate activities that engage and motivate student voters. Each area will provide best practices and other resources to help each group with campus activities.

Election Officials

Local and state election officials make elections work. Students sometimes face particular challenges getting registered or voting because their circumstances are unique. At campus vote project, we recognize the extraordinary challenges facing elections officials in this time of budget cutbacks and politicized election reform. That’s why we focus on practical solutions that can help elections run more smoothly for everyone – students and elections officials alike! Join us to make elections work for students too!


Students face practical hurdles to voting. You can help.

Problem: Students don’t know where or how to get registered.

What You Can Do: Conduct outreach and trainings for campus administrators, student groups, and third party registration organizations; and advertise voter registration information and deadlines to school administrators, and student and local press.

Problem: Student registration cards frequently contain errors or are incomplete.

What You Can Do:  Provide materials for students, administrators, and registration groups about the information needed to register, including what of information is needed to be recognized as a valid address.

Problem: There have been long lines or other problems at student-heavy polling places in the past.

What You Can Do: Work with college administrators and third party groups to anticipate the number of incoming students and potential new registrants that will be assigned to polling places; train poll workers for student-heavy polling places about the most frequent problems students encounter and how to handle them on Election Day; and recruit student poll workers.


Contact Campus Vote Project to sign up as a *student-friendly election official* and learn more about what you can do to help eligible student voters access the democratic process!