Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellows

North Carolina

Daniel Garcia

Durham Technical Community College

Daniel is a Democracy Fellow from Durham Technical Community College in Durham, NC. He is finishing his bachelor’s degree in political science with a minor in public policy. Daniel wants to make as much of an impact on his community as possible, even if it entails running for office. Daniel is a Democracy Fellow because he believes it is crucial for all citizens to participate in democratic activities, and because he wishes to thoroughly educate and energize voters before they cast their ballots.

Isaiah Artis

Pitt Community College

Isaiah is in his second year at Pitt Community College. He is double majoring in business administration and an associates in the arts. He plans to transfer next year to a university and finish a bachelor’s degree in business management. With this degree he plans to become a financial advisor. His desire to be a Democracy Fellow stems from his passion for politics. He was instilled with this interest because his father also follows politics. 

Roshaun Hewitt

Durham Technical Community College

Roshaun is pursuing an associate’s degree in software development at Durham Tech. Apart from being a full-time student and worker, at school he volunteers in the food pantry and serves as Recruitment Ambassador for community service. He also serves as an ambassador for GoTriangle, which is the regional public transportation provider. Passionate about democracy, he seeks to empower his peers to get involved in the democratic process and effect change on the local and national level. 

Samaya X. Roary

University of North Carolina – Greensboro

Samaya is a junior, political science (pre-law) and communications studies double major at UNC Greensboro. She plans to attend law school after she graduates. Her passion and interest in government, law and politics began her sophomore year of high school while taking civics and economics. Samaya has completed the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program, Running Start’s Young Women Political Leadership program, and interned for a mayoral campaign. She is currently the Legislative Committee Chairwoman and Junior Senator in The Student Government Association. She aspires to be a beacon of hope, instrument of change, and glass ceiling breaker.

Terrell Saunders

University of North Carolina – Greensboro 

Terrell is an undergraduate student at UNC Greensboro, dual majoring in sociology and media studies. Terrell serves as Civic Engagement Fellow with UNCG’s Office of Leadership & Service Learning, among other roles as a Peer Educator for Leader Development, a cofounder of our upcoming service-focused student group Beyond Our Spartan Service, and as an On-Site Coordinator for the LeaderShape Institute at UNCG. Terrell also serves as a Peer Coordinator for Social Justice Education and Advocacy with the Office of Intercultural Engagement. After college, he hopes to pursue careers in higher education, nonprofit management, research analysis, and filmmaking.