Campus Vote Project Democracy Fellows


Jacob Demree

Swarthmore College

Jacob Demree, a student at Swarthmore College, is a medical anthropology major and Latin American and Latino Studies minor from Mount Laurel, New Jersey.  Since his first phone bank with Organizing for Action with his family, he has discovered grassroots engagement in the electoral and political processes can be a powerful tool for change making at many levels.  As a Democracy Fellow, he is excited to have the opportunity to continue working to further the accessibility of political action and prepare a collaboration-oriented network of students and organizations at and beyond Swarthmore College to facilitate future electoral efforts.

Rebeccah Ambrosy-Stephens

California University of Pennsylvania

Rebeccah Ambrosy-Stephens is a senior at California University of Pennsylvania with a major in international studies, a minor in biology, and anticipated minors in political science, tourism, and Arabic. Her career goal is to become a foreign affairs officer or to work in a U.S. Embassy. She is very active around her campus, and is the leader for multiple organizations. Rebeccah is also a brother of Phi Sigma Pi National Honors Fraternity. Upon graduation, she hopes to attend the University of Nebraska for a master’s degree in international relations.

Simran Singh

Swarthmore College

Simran Singh is a rising senior at Swarthmore College, where she studies honors political science and economics. she first became engaged in the political process through canvassing in the 2008 presidential election, and continues to promote civic engagement and activism in her role as an associate at the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility at Swarthmore and on the Swarthmore College Get Out the Vote Steering Committee. After interning at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia last summer, Simran further understood the importance of promoting economic and civic literacy through engaged citizenry, beginning at a college level. She is excited to have the support of the Democracy Fellows program in working toward this goal.

Zach Kelley

California University of Pennsylvania

Zach is a senior majoring in accounting and economics at California University of Pennsylvania and minoring in forensic accounting and criminal justice. He is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and graduated from Hempfield High School. Zach is a member of the Economics Honors Society as well as the National Society of Leadership and Success. He plans to go onto graduate school and pursue a career in accounting or economics. Zach enjoys bettering his community by volunteering in his free time. He is very excited about the opportunity to participate in the Democracy Fellowship and work with CVP. He is excited to educate Cal U students about the importance of voting and educating themselves about the candidates.

Adriana Jurado

Chatham University

Adriana is a sophomore and transfer student at Chatham University. She spent most of her life in the South, and having just recently moved to Pennsylvania, she brings with her an outsider’s perspective on local and state issues. She took a gap year to work for the Bernie Sanders campaign, solidifying her love of politics. Increasing active citizenship on college campuses is something Adriana has always believed in, as our most precious right. Although, if she had any musical talent, she would have definitely chosen to be in an angsty punk band right now, but this is a pretty solid second!

Bryce Williams

Franklin and Marshall College

Bryce Williams is currently a senior at Franklin and Marshall College. He is studying government and business. He has always had a great interest in campaigns. From a young age, Bryce was interested in politics, and served in student government starting in middle school. Bryce looks forward to empowering his peers to vote, and helping people make more informed decisions.

Evan Kelly

Wilson College

Evan Kelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After high school graduation, he entered the workforce as a sales associate for a telecommunications provider and at age of 28, Evan decided to pursue a college degree. He started his college career at Harrisburg Area Community College where he received an Associate of Arts degree in general studies in 2015. Evan transferred to Wilson College where he currently majors in history and political science, with the concentration in political science. Evan’s passion for political and community action inspired him to apply for a fellowship opportunity with the Campus Vote Project. He is excited to do what he can to engage with college students and encourage them to register to vote—and to do so in their local, primary and general elections

Harrison Feinman

University of Pennsylvania

Harrison is a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania studying philosophy, politics, and economics in the College of Arts & Sciences. While growing up in California, Harrison worked for the City of Los Angeles and on presidential and gubernatorial political campaigns. He has developed a strong passion for civic engagement and wants to establish a habit and culture of informed voting among his peers.

Moriah Hathaway

Shippensburg University

Moriah is a senior at Shippensburg University studying toward major in political science and a minor in English. She is currently an intern in Governor Wolf’s Office of Constituent Affairs. She is excited to start encouraging my peers to vote, because she has always been passionate about it. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with my fiancée, Bailey. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in civic engagement.

Zach Smith

California University of Pennsylvania

Zach Smith is a sophomore political science major, with a concentration in public affairs, at California University of Pennsylvania. Zach is a member of Cal Campaign Consultants and treasurer of Cal U’s College Democrats. He is from Crafton, Pennsylvania. When Zach is not involved with politics he has other interests such as theater where he has performed in multiple shows as a high school student and now in college. Zach is also involved in choir, having performed at amusement park productions, private events, and for nonprofit organizations.

Madeline Cavalier

Franklin and Marshall College

Madeline is a senior at Franklin and Marshall College, studying Spanish and government. Madeline is especially passionate about voting rights, and the rights of immigrants. Madeline is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and loves Pittsburgh sports. Ultimately, Madeline wants to attend law school so that she can be an advocate for immigrants and other vulnerable populations. She has a particular interest in Latin American politics as well as American politics. She also has a tiny Pomeranian Shitzu named Winnie who she adores and with whom loves spending time!

Taren Swartz

Shippensburg University

Taren is a junior at Shippensburg University. She is a triple major in marketing, French, and management with a concentration in international management. Taren holds four jobs on campus all located within the CUB. In her spare time, she enjoys art, hiking, and photography. She loves to make new friends, which is showcased in her outgoing and friendly demeanor. Her main motivation comes from wanting to be the best role model she can be for her triplet sisters and brother. She wants to ensure they believe anything is possible if they set their minds to it.

Amy Dundon

Alvernia University

Amy is a senior history and political science major at Alvernia University in Reading, Pennsylvania. Being a first-generation college student, Amy takes advantage of every opportunity she can to give back to her school, and Campus Voting Project is one such opportunity!  Amy’s favorite time in history would be the early 20th century, with in the introduction of cinema into the world. She loves movies from any time, but especially ones that make you think. One last thing about Amy would be that she is very passionate about changing the world, one small step (or vote) at a time.

Gabriella DeStefano

Duquesne University

Gabriella DeStefano is a senior at Duquesne University studying political science and international relations. Upon graduation, Gabriella intends to pursue a master’s degree in public policy and political communication. She is actively involved in voter education and civic engagement both on and off campus. Gabriella has previous experience working on congressional election campaigns for the U.S House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Gabriella aims to work to increase the vital turnout among younger voters this election cycle and for subsequent elections as a 2018 Democracy Fellow and aims to help enfranchise voting populations that have been systemically suppressed and disenfranchised from the political process.

Huntre Keip

Lebanon Valley College

Huntre is a junior English and politics double major at Lebanon Valley College in Annville, PA. She thoroughly enjoys the process of campaigning and talking to individuals about current issues on a domestic and foreign level. She wants to better serve my community and encourage young adults to register to vote and become more aware of their surroundings. We are the future of the United States and the world, and it’s now our time to show it!

Isaac Riston

Susquehanna University

Isaac Riston was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.  He has been a part of Congressional Debate (as an award-winning delegate and a coach), Model United Nations (serving as Head Delegate and club President) and Student Government Association (serving as a student delegate and class Vice President).  He enjoys having other people’s voices be heard and wants everyone to feel comfortable being part of the larger American discourse.

Kylee Petritsch

Lebanon Valley College

Kylee Petritsch is a junior politics/pre-law major at Lebanon Valley College. During her time at Lebanon Valley College, she interned with the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign and the Laura Quick for Congress Campaign. She also interns at a lobbying firm, Greenlee Partners, in Harrisburg, PA and previously at Tri-State Envelope Corporation with their human resource department. On campus, Kylee works as a “Dutchman Dialer,” fundraising for the college and is the President of the College Democrats and a member of the Pre-Law Club. Kylee believes strongly in giving back to her community and works relentlessly to engage students in political actions and organizations in both parties.

Marisa Schutz

Alvernia University

Marisa is a senior political science major and music minor at Alvernia University, studying under the Honor’s Program. She serves as the president for Alvernia’s political science club which aims to educate students on the importance of being civically engaged. She also enjoys singing in Alvernia’s choir and at voice lessons. She works full-time at Men’s Wearhouse as a customer service associate all while being a full-time student. In the past she received the opportunities to intern at the Democratic National Convention and to work as a Fellow for the Hillary For America 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Mary Eyde

La Salle University

Mary is a junior at La Salle University with a major in political science and an anticipated minor is environmental studies. Her career goal is to work for an environmental or human rights nonprofit and one day run for office in state or local government . Mary is involved in Student Government Association on her campus as well as a Division I golfer. She is also the coordinator of a social justice trip in May of 2019 which focuses on environmental justice in Camden. After the 2016 election, Mary realized how important it is that every American citizen exercises their right to vote. She became very passionate about making sure students around her campus are involved in the political process and that is why this fellowship is so exciting for her.

Robert Caleb Doyle

York College

Robert Caleb Doyle is 18 and a political science major at York College of Pennsylvania. Voting has always been an important issue for him, and he hopes to see his generation take a more active interest in the process than those before them. His long-term goal is to become a lawyer specializing in constitutional law. He got involved with the Campus Vote Project because their mission spoke to his love of getting involved and convincing others to do the same. He believes a world can exist where young people can control their own future, they just have to speak out and seize their collective political power.

Shamus Andrek

Northhampton Community College

Shamus is a second year undergraduate student at Northampton Community College, where he studies political science. he is currently the president of the NCC Monroe Women’s Club, and he hopes to either go on to law school and work for the Southern Poverty Law Center, or join a nonprofit activist group like Black Lives Matter as an organizer.