To make real change it is critical for students, campus administrators and election officials to work together and coordinate activities that engage and motivate student voters. Each area will provide best practices and other resources to help each group with campus activities.

Download the Student Toolkit for information on how to start a voter registration program on your campus.


Students have the option and right to vote in either their school community or their home community.  Because students are likely first-time or new voters and may be voting in a different community or state than their home, it is important to look up how to vote and register in your particular state. Each state has different rules regarding registering to vote and opportunities to cast a ballot. The guides below include state-specific information on:

  • Registration deadlines and election dates;
  • Links to find voter registration forms;
  • Information on voting with your school address or your home address;
  • ID requirements to register;
  • ID requirements to vote;
  • How to find your polling location;
  • Options to cast a ballot (absentee mail ballot, early in person, and at the polls); and
  • Common questions students may have about registering and voting.